Tokyo, Japan


Vilnius, Lithuania


Istanbul, Turkey


Vatican City


Bilbao, Spain

Places of worship

Sacred man-made structures transcend religious differences through the universal appreciation for architectural artistry that humbles, inspires and provides an inviting space for reflection. (View graphic that shows the geographic distribution of major world religions)

TRADITIONAL:  Tamatekapua Meeting House (Maori) • Rotorua, New Zealand © CLO

BUDDHIST:  Sensoji (Asakusa Kannon) Temple • Tokyo, Japan © CLO

JEWISH:  Choral Synagogue • Vilnius, Lithuania © CLO

MUSLIM:  Blue Mosque • Istanbul, Turkey © CLO

CHRISTIAN:  Saint Peter's Basilica (Catholic) • Vatican City © CLO

SECULAR:  Guggenheim Museum • Bilbao, Spain © CLO

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