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I’m here to provide insight and encouragement to help you follow your wanderlust and embark on personalized adventures – on your own terms.


Different strengths of trip lengths

A few thoughts on the therapeutic effects of travel depending on how many days you have available to you:

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Table for one? Tips for Traveling Solo

Are you filled with wanderlust, but sticking close to home because you lack a like-minded companion? Solo travel is an extraordinary, accessible opportunity that can involve big or small adventures, easy or difficult as you choose. You can do what you want, when you want, how you want, where you want. You pick your own pace...

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Personalized adventures: Not all excursions are created equal

Trips are something to look forward to, imagining and anticipating the exciting possibilities at your fingertips. When you are traveling, time slows down as your senses absorb the exposures to new impressions. Then once you are back in the comforts of home, the rewarding imprints of the experience linger in your memory. Not all vacations or destinations are created equal. One person's dream trip is another person's nightmare...

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Tasmania, off Australia, is a nature-lover's dream

Last March, I embarked on a mini-road trip around Tasmania, the island off the southeast corner of Australia that is about the size of West Virginia. Tassie, what Aussies affectionately call their smallest state, is a nature-lover's dream, with enough history and culinary delights to satisfy urbanites. While its landscape has...

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Do you...

... need help deciding the destination and type of trip that fits your mood, budget and time specifications?

... want to learn how to sort through the myriad of options to plan a customized trip that maximizes your time and resources at the lowest price?

... have the deep desire to travel, but can feel anxious about tapping into the unknown, especially if you are on your own?

... want to feel inspired by some of our precious planet’s most glorious treasures?

I'm here to help you figure out how, when & where is right for you.

I believe that...

... travel is accessible to anyone with the desire to see the world.

... experiencing new environments and fresh perspectives can be invaluable to individual health and well-being.

... adventures are most enjoyable when you find yourself on a ride that feels as though it was designed especially for you.

... lacking a companion is not an excuse to stay home and feel resigned. It is possible to overcome loneliness and detachment to pursue rewarding individual escapades.

... if you find the strength to break free from perceived limitations and open yourself up to possibilities, amazing experiences are possible, and within your control.

... the world is a glorious place designed to be explored. Go seize it!

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