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Personalized adventures
Not all excursions are created equal

Personalized adventures have extraordinary lifespans. Before you go, trips are something to look forward to, imagining and anticipating the exciting possibilities at your fingertips. When you are traveling, time slows down as your senses absorb the exposures to new impressions. Then once you are back in the comforts of home, the rewarding imprints of the experience linger in your memory.

Not all vacations or destinations are created equal. One person's dream trip is another person's nightmare. Some people feel more comfortable traveling with other tourists and other people prefer to immerse themselves with locals. Some prefer activities while others chill out in tranquility. Some prefer resorts and fancy hotels while others dive into local culture and explore on shoestring budgets. Some prioritize food, others rest, and still others attempt to do as much as humanly possible. And sometimes it changes day-to-day.

There are additional considerations, including time of year, duration of trip, budget, schedules, mood and companionship options. There are so many variables that the key is figuring out what is the perfect getaway for this specific moment in time. And it varies...

Sometimes I visit friends, sometimes I have travel companions and sometimes I decide to go on my own. Sometimes I want a challenge and sometimes I want whatever is the easiest possible. Sometimes I want nature, sometimes culture and sometimes I want variety. Sometimes I have a place that screams out to me and I feel as though I must find a way to visit and so I make getting there a priority, and sometimes I know I want to go somewhere, but I have no idea where to start.

But I always figure it out – and you will too!

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