Sunflowers in Mora Valley, New Mexico, USA © CLO

Hi there!

Travel is my drug, my therapy, my excitement, my peace and the source of so many of my life’s deepest pleasures and treasures. For me, regularly exploring new environments is simply a calling, a way of life, not a symbol of status or superiority.

I sincerely hope that my experiences as an independent female world traveler (and cross-format communications specialist) can inspire and encourage individuals to break free and feel empowered to find their own personal paths to rewarding adventure.

May CarrieOnAdventures be a valuable resource to help and encourage you to follow your wanderlust and embrace this most glorious world of ours.

Me soaking in the spray of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
April 2006 © CLO

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    My travel map

    As you’ll see from the map below, I’ve traveled to several countries on six continents – the current count is around 50. Of course, I’m always thinking about where I’m heading next!

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